April 21, 2012

Hi mom,
It’s been great so far. My companion is Elder Hawley and my other roommates are Elder Thompson (who got called as our district leader) and his companion Elder Johnson. the other elders in our class, which is only new missionaries are elder Boyer (no relation to jeff)and his companion elder Keele. they are going to Guatemala. there are also four hermanas in our class, hermana hall her companion hermana Hyatt, who are going to san jose, ca, and hermana Johnson who is going to ca as well, and her companion hermana jones, who is going to costa rica too. our teacher is hermano gillon who went to santiago chile on his mission. he is a really great teacher. he’s really funny and is just amazing at helping us learn the language and teach better. we taught our first lesson in spanish last night, and it was tough but i thought it went pretty well on my end. the investigator didn’t speak english at all, she was a native mexican, and she couldn’t read, which complicated some things like our commitment for her to read the BOM. we are currently preparing for our second lesson with her tonight. my companion is struggling with the language, and im getting it really really easily. im helping him the best i can, but at times it seems like he is giving up and doesn’t want to tr y to learn it better. im working through that. we only have 30 minutes to write emails and letters every p day, sop i guess i have to get better at typing in order to get all my letters and emails done. my p days are on Thursdays, but we get a half p-day today because we didn’t get one on this last thursday. i sent a letter out yesterday morning with some things that i would like you and dad to bring to the mtc with Brittany. i asked a counselor in our btranch presidency, and he said that it would be fine that she brings me a suitcase with things i forgot. the counselors name is brother Monson. president Monson is his uncle, and he kind of looks like voldemort, but he talks JUST like president Monson. and he’s hilarious, and he speaks ridiculously fast spanish. everyone that ive met, with the exception of a few elders, is awesome. i never thought that 19 year olds could be this immature. these people are ridiculous. especially the new guys. i don’t think im like that. ive kinda stood out as the best spanish speaker in the class, and im teaching a lot to the rest of the students when were in the classroom but the teachers not there because its not during class time. every time we have personal study, companion study or language study, we are in the classroom. when the teachers not there, im doing a lot of language teaching. hopefully my companion can learn the language faster and better so im not the only one teaching ion the lesson today. im writing in my journal every night, and I’m taking lots of notes. ask bishop if he served with an elder Devin Johnson when he went on his mission to Italy, because elder Johnson’s dad is 42 which is how old bishop is, and his dad went to Milan, italy, which is where i think bishop went. im running out of time now, 30 seconds. i love you and miss you and everyone else too.
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