April 25, 2012

You’re obviously almost here, probably at the Mora’s house or something. This last week has been absolutely amazing. The first 6 days go by SO SLOW, probably the slowest six days of my life. We started right off the bat speaking spanish in class and I’m doing so well at it. It’s kind of hard to teach lessons in Spanish, but when the spirit is there, the language barrier is not. The gift of tongues really is real, and I know this by experience. Our teacher, hermano Gillon, said that the govt has a 1-5 scale on language fluency, 1 being no knowledge of it whatsoever, and 5 being native fluent. There is an intense language training program that the govt has that is 6 months long, and they strive to get people to between a 2 and a 3 on that scale by the end of the training. The training is done by immersion, which is the best and most natural way of learning a language. The MTC usually gets people to between a 4 and a 5 within 9 weeks. I thought that was hilarious.
It’s funny that the talk I gave for my farewell has helped me so much already. The studying I did for that talk helped me to teach our investigator Silvia, our mock investigator Billy, and helped me write another talk about faith. Every week on Sunday, two elders, or sisters are called at the beginning of sacrament meeting to share a 3-5 minute talk about a certain subject. Everyone is supposed to write a talk during the week, and if they get called theyre prepared to speak. If they’re not called, then they have practice writing talks, and they can use those short talks later in the mission. Last week was faith, and I wrote a pretty good one. It also has to be in Spanish. I was so proud of the one I wrote, that I was kind of disappointed I didn’t get called to speak – haha! Our district is doing super well. We’re all learning the language very fast, and we’re teaching Silvia well, also. My companion and I are committing her to baptism tonight.
The spirit is so strong here, everywhere on campus. Everyone gets to do a walk over to the temple and hang out in front or walk around it. Today we get to go to the temple and do a session for the first time as a district. I really do miss working there twice a week. The things I’ve learned therein have helped me in understanding basic doctrine. I feel like I am really far ahead of the rest of my district in knowledge of the teachings and in learning the language, not to be prideful, but they all tell me all the time. The food here sucks lol! After the first two days, my stomach was pleading with me to stop eating the food, so now for breakfast I have a small bowl of “honey-nut scooters” with a banana cut up into it. For lunch I have a wrap (the wrap and salad area is like subway, and the people who work it can wrap wraps like nobodys business), usually with chicken, guac, bacon bits, red onions, other veggies, cheese, and southwestern sauce. Muy delicioso. Then I have the same for dinner. Oh and the chocolate milk is ridiculously thick – you have to mix it half and half with 2% for it to not feel like heavy cream. I only drink water anymore anyways.
I think im supposed to be off facebook, even in my mind, so I havent really come up with anything that you could put on there. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be focused on the work, and so I can’t actually think of facebook-worthy one-liners. Whatever… If I do, I’ll let you know. There’s not a lot of time allowed for emailing, so excuse the lack of capitalization and apostrophes. Gotta go now, love you! My p-day got moved to Wednesdays, by the way. It should stay that way for the next 8 weeks. Oh, and elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak at our devotional last night! It was awesome! I guess elder Holland came here like only a month or two ago, so I probably wont get to see him while I’m here… boo. Anyways, I’ll see you soon, but I’ll write even sooner.
Elder Kuoha
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