May 2, 2012

Is there any way that you can write me not using Dear Elder? Every p day so far I get an email from you, then the next day I get a dear elder in the mail, and I get so excited but then its just a copy of the email haha. im pretty sure that if you just email me directly, it wouldn’t do that, but if not then its fine haha. I got to see Brittany in her third day here, and we got a couple of pictures. we go on a temple walk every sunday, and her district went the same time as mine this last sunday, so we got a few pictures then too. the keyboards in the laundry room are the worst you could ever imagine. being used by 2600 missionaries every week to write a bunch of emails really does a toll on them the only letters not faded off the keyboard is the q, p, z and b. and its hard to push them down. but I guess it’s better than not writing emails at all. ok, so first of all, mothers day is coming up, and due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of phones here, were not allowed to call home, so we’ll just have to wait until christmas, sorry 😦 there’s a teacher here whose dad is the mission president in costa Rica, it’s really cool, I’ve been able to talk to him a lot about it, and I just keep getting more and more excited. my companion and I are still having some trouble getting along, but we keep trying to work it out. i’m not used to being the most mature person around, so it’s kind of weird. we’ve talked about it, and he’s aware of the things he does that are getting quite ridiculous, and he said that he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks and that he’s perfectly content with living his life like that and doesn’t plan on changing. so whatever, if it gets worse, I just might have to request a district change. my patience has never been tested this much before.but i guess i’m getting good practice for when i’m in the field, and have to deal with bad companions.

on a lighter note, we committed our first investigator to baptism, which was really cool, because she was a tough situation. she couldn’t read, her husband had alcohol problems, and he was always working, so there wasn’t a lot of time for him to read with her. we just kept pushing her to find the time, and once she followed through with the commitment, we had some really good lessons, the last of which ended in her accepting our invitation to be baptized. she obviously wasn’t a real investigator, she’s one of our teachers,but we didn’t know that until we were done teaching her. we knew she wasnt for real, but we didn’t know she was our teacher. our other teacher is AMAZING. he’s super awesome, and knows how to teach like he’s been doing it forever. he’s only 24 or 25, but he’s crazy awesome. his name is hermano gillon, and her name is hermana pacheco. now they’re both playing separate people as investigators. all we know is that the guy that hno gillon is playing is actually his real life friend named Jared, who is not a member. he told us that another one of his friends actually got baptized this way. he got permission from Jared to do this, and he knows him really well so he knows how Jared would respond to our questions. every time we commit Jared to do something, hno gillon asks jared to do it, then before our next visit with “Jared” he checks up on Jared to see if he actually did what we asked him to. it’s crazy hard, because everything has to be done in spanish. but i’m doing pretty well at the language which is good. when my companion doesn’t know the language really well, he doesn’t understand what I say in the lesson, then when its his turn, he doesn’t know where I left off, and sometimes he completely changes the subject, which makes teaching effectively very difficult.

the temple here is really cool, we get to do a session every p day at 2:40. we can do everything else there too, but I’d rather do a session.

im having a lot of fun here, playing volleyball for an hour every time we have gym, which is 5 days a week. every day other than p-day and sunday. I gained like 3 or 4 pounds since before I left for seattle, so i guess im not doing too bad. my companion has gained 11 lbs since we’ve been here, and our district leader has gained 10 haha, but they both eat like whales, so it’s no wonder. there’s 4 sister missionaries in our district to “help keep us elders in line” so the variety is good.

this place is good, but I can’t wait to get out to costa rica, where I can have skin that doesn’t make me look like voldemort when he died in the movie.

talk to you next week,

Elder Kuoha

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