May 23, 2012

Hey mom! Things have been going so much better between me and my companion, it’s ridiculous. We’re closer friends, and we’re better teachers because of it. Hearing that Craig is going to Belgium/Netherlands  is the craziest thing. That’s awesome. When does he get here? I can’t wait to see DJ here soon, he gets here in a week!! We’re getting two new elders in our room later today, they wont be in our district, but in a new district that’s going to be spread out and added into a lot of the other rooms in our hall. The older district that I have grown to love is leaving on Monday, which is pretty sad. I hope that when I get off my mission, I can visit Elder Bush who lives in Washington, next time I go to see Tommy.

I got to see Brittany the morning she left, which was pretty cool. I’m sure she’s doing fine, but I cant help but laugh when I think of how she has to be on a bike for most of her mission. I have to walk for mine, which isn’t much better, but it’s better nevertheless. How did she send her pictures? Did she just mail her SD card? Because If that’s the case, I guess I could do that more often and just  use the second one you sent me to take pics, then you can send it back. I have been taking pictures of almost every meal I’ve had here, I don’t quite know why, but I’ve gone too far so I can’t stop now. I guess I just wanted to have comparisons. I had a breakfast bagel sandwich with bacon on it and stuff. I’m obviously the smartest person here, because I didn’t see a single other person do it. Except Elder Thompson in my district, but instead of a bagel, he used two donuts. He’s so dumb and Texan. I’m surprised he didn’t collapse on the spot. Once again, Brother Monson is the greatest Branch Counselor we could ask for, even though he looks exactly like the Dark Lord. He’s super cool and a scriptorian like Bishop Payne, probably even moreso. I can’t go on the blog because the computers here block everything.

It’s good to hear about the success of the business and everything. It’s great to hear that dad likes his calling so much, I think that would be fun. Something that me and Brittany talked about at the last meal she had here was that we both miss all the Hawaiian food, and ESPECIALLY the fried rice. Oh man, the fried rice. Elder Shenck wrote me a letter the other day, and it looks as though it were addressed by a 6 year-old. Last Wednesday, I started writing Tommy a letter, and I happened to write him seven pages, and it took all day. So if anyone is upset that they haven’t received a letter in over two weeks, I apologize, and I’ll be working on that today. I miss Alice a lot, even though all she did was bug me all the time. The language is still going great for me, which is awesome, and since I got called as district leader, I’ve solved some pretty big problems, which has been great. The biggest problem in the district was my companionship, so since we worked that out, all the other companionships have been getting better. Being an example to everyone has been tough, but humbling and a great experience.

I rethought it, and I don’t think you should send me my uke while im here, because I don’t think it’ll be easy for me to bring it down with me, so maybe I can just buy a cheap one when I get down there. I can’t tell you how much I miss my ipod and music altogether. It’s been torture having such a musically illiterate companion hahaha. I tried choir once, and the director was hilarious, but the setting wasn’t that fun. I got to do a special music number with a few elders a few weeks ago for a departure devotional. We sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives, and it was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I have to write some other emails, so I’ll talk to you next week!

Elder Kuoha
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