May 30, 2012

Hi Mom (and world),

My memorial day was just the same as all the other days except that we didn’t get any mail, which kinda sucked. because we don’t get mail on Saturday nights so we had to wait for about 4 days. Other than that, nothing special. We had a pretty great devotional yesterday, and a great fireside on Sunday. The weeks are flying by. Each day is slow, but at the end, it’s like it didn;t even happen. We have only 19 days left here in the MTC, which I am so stoked about. Yeah I talked to one of the employees in the bookstore and they told me what happened. She was super sad when it happened and she really misses Joe. I can understand why, he’s super awesome.

That’s terrible news about Jeremy’s wife, I really hope she gets better soon. But she’s incredibly lucky at the same time, and I’m glad it’s not as bad as it could have been.

I miss working at the temple so much, I mean I get to go once a week, but it’s not the same if you’re not there for a while and working. It’s great, but I miss working there. I especially miss the San Diego temple. It’s so gorgeous. After seeing the Provo “Birthday Cake” temple all the time, San Diego seems like something unimaginably beautiful.

Man, I’m so excited for Dj. I hope I get to see him today, and if I don’t see him today, I’ll see him soon enough.
Being District Leader isn’t hard work, which is great, because it’s already hard work haha. I can imagine that once I get into the field, being a district leader is tough though. Right now it’s just all meetings and choosing songs to sing to start class and writing letters to the Branch President. I’m so glad that other people think Brother Monson looks like Voldemort too. I would have felt really weird if nobody else saw it. But I feel ok now.

I’m super sad that I can’t go to Hawaii this summer, but it’s ok, because it’ll make the next time I go that much sweeter. There’s an elder in our district who lived in Hawaii for like a year because his dads in the air force, and all he does is talk crap about Hawaiians and how they’re all just a bunch of drug addicts and retards. I swear one day I’m gonna pop him in the mouth. It’s funny when he says “kailua pig” every time they serve it for dinner here. Even though he’s dumb, and even though he deserves to be punched in the face because he doesn’t have a brain filter, I won’t hit him, because I might kill him. Me and my companion are getting along so much better now. It’s been great being united with one another especially when we’re preparing for lessons.

Auntie Nani sent me a package the other day, I was so excited! She sent me like 40 small bags of trail mix, and 4 boxes each of Chewy bars and Fiber One bars. I’m gonna be SOOO regular. I got the shirts you sent me, theyre hilarious, and the business that you did it through put two free bags of flavored popcorn in there too! I got Cherry cordial popcorn and caramel avalanche. I’m ridiculously excited about the cherry one.

If I think of anything I want from Hawaii, I’ll let you know. Maybe some of the mauna loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Thanks for everything!! Love you and miss you all!

Elder Kuoha

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