June 6, 2012


So I get to see Elder Taylor every day haha, he has his meals like 15 minutes after mine, so I always see him walking by me at my table with a plate of food. I see him all the time. His box number is 332, but I forgot to get his whole address, so if you get to ask his mom on facebook or something, then that would probably be the best. I can’t guarantee I’ll see him until dinner today because it’s pday and we eat outside.

That would super suck if my card got damaged in the mail, but I guess it’s better that this card got messed up, rather than ones from the field with more important pictures. If anything, I really hope it’s not messed up, and that none of my future cards will get messed up.

That’s awesome that the elders there are doing great. I know one elder here that is from Mongolia, so the next time I see him, I’ll ask about Elder Gantulga. That’s also awesome about Elder Latu! There’s al Elder I met the other day from Hawaii, he’s from a town (I don’t remember the name off the top of my head) super close to Kailua, and he said he knows of that Zippys that grandpa always goes to haha, but he doesn’t recognize the Kuoha name or Takamori. Can you send me Chris’ email address? It would be nice to be able to talk to him too.

I don’t remember how long Elder Linzey has to go in his mission, but I don’t think he’s home yet. I’m super excited that Elder Alo gets to go back to the field. I guess that means he’s at least partially healed?

The language has gotten so much more difficult recently. I started learning subjunctive, which is ridiculously hard, but I’ve been working on it for about 2 and a half weeks, and since then, I’ve seen an improvement, so hopefully, I can gradually continue to get better at it. It seemed so discouraging because it didn’t seem like I was learning it at all, but over time, I have seen great changes happen. I was able to have a full conversation with a teacher that isn’t even in our zone here, and he was like super impressed. The way I push learning the language here on everyone else has helped them all to see the importance, especially because we’re leaving in only 12 days. Everyone is doing so well in the district. Oh, by the way I got released from being District Leader, and Elder Johnson was called in my stead. It was great being able to help in any way I could. I have been able to give two priesthood blessings since I’ve been here, and each one was an incredible experience.

What we’ve all planned on doing when we get off our missions as a district, with our teacher, is go to  the Rome temple dedication. It’s in June or July I think of 2014, so it’ll be right after we get home. I fully plan on going. So, if there’s any money that you want to save for me, that should totally be on the list.

So I saw that guy who was a mission president of Costa Rica again, and his name is President Claybaugh, so the next time you see Peter Thompson at the temple, ask him if that’s him.

I got your package last week, and I just have to say, that Captain America Frisbee is the coolest thing in the world. Everyone in my zone/hallway is jealous haha. Elder Brunson was like “How come my parents don’t love me like yours love you??” I laughed so hard. Thanks for the iPod too! I want to listen to it so bad every day, it kind of sucks having it in the room haha. I’m thinking about sending it back real quick so you can put all the good Disney music onto it, if it’s still on my computer. I’m going to need to buy like a bubble wrap envelope though. Auntie Nani sent me a package a couple weeks back, and I’ve only eaten like 1% of it. I’ll probably leave most of it to the other districts, because I won’t be able to bring it with me to Costa Rica. It’s not that I don’t like it, but we just already have all these set out meals and we get fed so well that I’m not hungry when I’m back in the room. When I get out into the field, I’ll probably have a much bigger need for snacks. I can’t think of anything else I need right now, but if I think of something else while I’m here, I’ll let you know.

No facebook stuff this week 😦

Can you find Ricky Martinez’s mom this week and ask her what his email is? He wrote it down, but it’s super messy, and I can’t read it. I’ve wanted to talk to him, and I went tot he front desk, and they don’t have people’s emails on file, so I guess this is the best way to do it.

Tell everyone I love them!


Elder Kuoha

Elder Taylor and Elder Kuoha at the MTC in PRovo, UT!

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