June 13, 2012

Sorry, I didn’t have a lot of time this morning, but I just got back from the temple so I have some time.

I’ve had a really good week! We got our travel plans last Wednesday, and it was like a Christmas birthday 4th of July party. We were so flipping excited. That sucks about dad’s finger. It sounds worse than the time I slammed my finger in the car door, because at least I didn’t have to get stitches. That’s great news about Misty and Levi too!

I sent dad a father’s day card in the mail today, so hopefully he gets it by Sunday. I’ll get to call home on monday, so do you think that you’ll be at home around 7ish? Probably. Then I have a really long layover in Texas between 11 and 4 texas time (I think) then we arrive in Costa Rica at like 7 local time (I think). We have to be at the travel office at 5 in the morning, so even earlier than Brittany had to. I think Connie really wants to be there when I call, and maybe Misty too? Probably. So if you find out what those local times are, then by all means, invite them. If not, then I can just call Misty separately. I’m going to call Chris and Tony too. Can you find out what Tony’s cell number is? Thanks. I think Chris is going to send me his number, but if not, can you send me it too?

I really hope that the pics can be saved off the other card, but if not, then whatever. It’ll be fine, because like I already said, at least they’re not super important pictures from the mission field.

I haven’t really been able to speak any spanish to DJ, we kinda just talk in English whenever I see him. But I just saw him on my way back from the temple. He was on his way to gym at the field. I forgot to tell him that you were going to write him today, but I told him before that you were going to write him, and that’s why I needed his address.

There’s no problems at all with Visas  going to Costa Rica, so we’re ready to go! When I saw Ricky here during my first week, he had gotten reassigned to NJ, and we got to see each other for over a week which was really really cool. He sent me an email yesterday in response to one I sent last week, and he said that he’s doing really well, and that he liked NJ a lot, but Guatemala is awesome. I’m sure it is. I can’t wait to go to Costa Rica. I literally am overjoyed.

We had a swedish 70 come to speak to us yesterday at the devotional, he was hilarious. So far we’ve had 3 apostles come. I’m really hoping for another on Sunday. What a great way it would be to end my stay here. Fingers crossed for Holland!!

Anyways, we’ve been having great times here. The Hermanas in my district actually gave me a whole bunch of dating advice for when I get back from my district. With their help, I’ll be a pro. They made me take notes and everything, it was crazy. I’m gonna miss them, they’re all so awesome! I’ll send you pictures when I get down to Costa Rica.

I can’t begin to express my excitement. Oh, put on my facebook for people to not send letters to my MTC address anymore, but I’ll give you my CR address soon. Auntie Nani sent me a letter after I sent her one thanking her for the package. She really loved getting a letter, because she says that she doesn’t get letters that often, and I felt really great reading that. I didn’t get the chance to write her again, but I will soon, maybe next pday. I don’t know when my pday will be, but I’ll let you know!

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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