June 19, 2012

Hey mom, sorry I didn’t get the chance to call last night when I landed, but we didn’t have any time in the airport and we didn’t get to call when we got to the mission office, where we are now and they are letting us email home to let you know that we got here ok. It’s still surreal that im in a different country. It hasn’t really sunken in. I’ve taken about 30 pics so far, and it’s really nice here. Well, not really nice, but its beautiful, and the weather isn’t too bad. It’s not raining, and it’s like partly cloudy, but its pretty warm and humid. Not too bad.

We slept in the mission home last night which is where the assistants to the president and the new missionaries sleep. This morning we went to the mission president’s house to have breakfast. They had a giant bowl of fresh papaya and watermelon, and a big plate of waffles and pineapple jam… it was super good. Then we went and got fingerprinted. I’m going to meet my trainer today pretty soon, I think after we go have lunch at the mission pres’ house again. im super excited. The first thing we did when we got in last night was go to the temple and stand outside and have a chat, then we drove to the mission office. Then we had subway. Anyways, tell everyone I say hi and that I’m stoked like a fire to be here.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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One thought on “June 19, 2012

  1. Richard

    stoked like a fire…..hahahaha

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