June 25, 2012


So my first day here was really great, we just got to hang out with the assistants and get all our paperwork done, but then we had to do more today, then again in like 2 months. Costa Rica is awesome, and gorgeous, except there’s like no littering laws, so there’s a lot of trash, and in one area, it’s always on fire haha. I’m in an area called Hatillo, which isn’t too far out of the capital, and so it’s not too hot, and during the night, I actually need a blanket because it gets too chilly. I haven’t seen any monkeys yet, but I guess that’s when you go towards the coasts, so maybe someday. It rains almost every day, but in my area, it only rains between like 2 and 5 generally, and it rains hard. There’s been quite a bit of lightning too. Super close lightning that sets off car alarms and such. Totally awesome.

My companion is Elder Gonzales, and I’m not going to lie, he’s not a good trainer. He’s a bit disobedient, and he doesn’t teach well. I think the only things I can learn from him here is the language and the area. I can tell these are going to be eleven long weeks. I just hope it’s not too bad. I hope I can learn to get along with him like I did Elder Hawley from the mtc. Today when we were getting more legal stuff done, I got to see all my old district. It was a super sweet reunion. I miss all of them so much! Hermana Jones has been having a tough first week, which sucks, but I hope she can push through it. The rest of my old district loves their trainers and I’m super jealous. My comp is like super lazy and doesn’t like to work, which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t a trainer and district leader.

Anyways, I like my area and the members and the people, but there hasn’t been a lot going on. It’s been pretty chill. I got to share my testimony in church yesterday, and everyone tells me that my spanish is incredible for someone who’s been in the country for less than a week, which is exciting to hear. I hope that I get to see a couple of beaches sometime in the next two years. I’ve never missed my family and friends so much. Oh, if you send packages, don’t mark on there that there is food, just put something like “missionary supplies” because I guess that food and technology are the things that they stop packages for. And they charge crazy taxes too.

The food is great, especially the fruit. I’m living in a tiny little house, but I forgot my camera cord, so I can’t send a picture right now. I’m in the mission office again because we had to meet here to go get our immigration stuff done. It’s just me and my companion living in our house, which might be a big reason why it’s hard to live with him, because it’s JUST me and him.

Church was great, I understood a lot more than I have been before. My spanish has improved a lot. We only walk, except when we need to take a bus to a different area. We went to the temple on the very first night we flew in, and Pres Galvez talked to us about families outside the temple because it was closed. Normally we would go to an internet cafe, but just not today. I think an american flag tie would be a little weird haha, and maybe a flag too, but maybe like a little tiny one I can put in my pen cup?

It’s great to hear good things about Misty and I hope Levi is doing well too. I hope all is well at home and that everyone is doing ok. I miss you all so much!
Elder Kuoha
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