July 2, 2012

Hey mom,

I´m super sorry that I can´t write you a bunch today, but we as a zone went on a hike today. We hiked up to a giant cross on the mountains that we can see from our area. It was so incredibly beautiful up there, and I´ll send some pictures if I EVER remember to bring my camera cord to the internet. It´s 6:15 and our pday technically ends in 15 minutes, but we´re still in central san Jose and there’s no way well get back to Hatillo in time. as a companionship, me and elder Gonzalez are getting along sooo much better. We had a good long talk one day when all of our appointments cancelled, and we took it as a sign that we needed some time. We had quite a chat, and we found that the root of the problem was in the planning. We hadn´t been planning very well the first week, and so I didn’t get to teach at all, but since we talked about it, we have been planning lessons thoroughly and ive been able to have a fair share in every lesson. I even extended a baptismal commitment yesterday that a woman accepted!!

It´s getting super exciting here. We had to go to the mission office today so that we could get me a new mission debit card because the machine ate my first one on my first flipping day in Costa Rica, but while we were there, one of the assistants asked me “have you lost weight in just your last two weeks?” so I guess visalus is working again!! I get to have a shake almost every morning. Like 6 out of 7 days. And I usually remember to take the multivitamins too. I walk soooooo much here its ridiculous, so it’s not a total surprise that ive lost a little weight. But we don’t have a scale, so i cant be sure all the time.

What else is surprising is how good all the food is, and how much everyone feeds us. its crazy, they must think because im so big that I want to eat so flipping much, but usually, im still full from lunch by the time we’re served dinner! its ridiculous. I love the people here so far though, there’s only been a couple jerks on the street that give us fake addresses and fake numbers.

Well, I gotta go because we have to take a bus back to Hatillo.


Elder Kuoha

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