July 9, 2012

Hey mom!

I keep getting your email about the 30 second videos, but I haven’t had time to do it this week. I’ll see if I can today, but I’m not in church clothes right now, so I’ll see if I can send it next week. I don’t want to look like a slob for all the younger kids haha. Anyway, this week has been crazy. It went by super fast. I have been learning the language pretty fast, and it’s comforting to hear people say “wow, your Spanish is good, are you sure you’ve only been out three weeks?” Well they say it in Spanish, too.

Anyways, my comp and I have been getting along better now, and we’ve been teaching a lot. I don’t have a lot of time again, because I was emailing other people haha, but I’ll try to rush through this. We have two people that are almost ready to be baptized, we just have to set a date, and hopefully they’ll accept. We have some other people that are having trouble going to church because they work, but I’m praying for them to have the faith to pray for a way for them to be able to go to church. It’s tough work, out here.

I got to play some futbol today with some other elders in our zone and some random park-goers haha. I was goalie, just like in the old days, and I was super good. The only two goals the other team scored were cheap shots, I swear. I’m getting fed well, but the walking is helping me to not get all fat like I did after football season ended haha. I’ve gone down another notch on my belt, and I feel like I’m getting healthier. The food here is great though. Ok, well I have to go. My comp really wants to take a nap before pday is over. I love you, and miss you.

Love Elder Kuoha

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