July 16, 2012

Hey mom!

My week has been really great. It’s unbelievable how fast the time passes, and from what everyone is telling me, it only gets faster. To be perfectly honest, I really miss home, so at this point, I’m pretty content with the fast time. I hope it changes though. I hope that my mindset changes so that I want to stay as long as I can. I go through big emotional swings, I feel like such a girl haha. Anyway, We have some pretty good investigators, and we put a date with a family to be baptized on the fourth of next month!! I’ll take some pictures of people soon, because so far, I’ve just been taking pictures of things. I have to admit something, I went on the internet last week while we were here in the internet cafe because my comp had to make some calendars, and I went on email when I wasnt supposed to. I felt really bad, and I hope nobody thinks any less of me because of my disobedience. But I sent some really good pictures so I hope you got them! Anyways, I wont be emailing anymore except on Pday when  I’m supposed to. I was thinking this week, “wow, my parents are in Hawaii right now….” I got super jealous for a little while, then I thought to myself, “I’m going to be in Costa Rica for the next 21 months….” haha, so I stopped being jealous. I miss the family the most, but I think I’ll be able to handle it. But we’re having a good time here. We play futbol on pdays sometimes, and I did a pull up last week at the park. It was the crowning moment of my week. Today we had our one-month check up with the president. Oh, the new president is super cool. He’s from Utah, and he kind of reminds me of Brother Perkins’ dad from the Murrieta Hills Ward. He’s really big, like 6′ 3″, and he used to play like every sport ever. He can throw an 86 mph underhand softball pitch. Nbd. Anyways, it went well, we got to talk with him a little bit, all the new missionaries together, then we walked to his house like a mile away and ate the biggest lunch I’ve had since I was at the previous mission presidents house. It was delicious.

So I know that mail takes a long time to get here from home, and that mail takes a long time to get home from here, so everyone please be patient. I get Dear Elders from Connie whenever I go to the mission office. I got 4 today, and 2 a couple of weeks ago. Its kind of funny. I wrote her a letter, but I havent had the chance to send it yet, so make sure she knows that. She keeps writing me that she’s worried whether or not I’m getting her letters, and I keep forgetting to add in here that yes, I am. It might be a month before she gets my one letter haha. I hope Faith-Lynn Tenorio writes me *cough* *cough* and Will Jackson *cough* *cough* because I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. I hope there’s not like a letter on the way right now, because then I’d feel bad for going all caps. Anyways, I hope all is well at home, everything is going great here. My companion and I are great friends now. There’s always going to be a couple little things that he does that’ll get on my nerves, but at least I don’t want to cause him physical harm anymore haha.

I’m about to load that video on the website right now, so I really hope it’s not too late. Oh, i wanted to ask something. I asked the president, and he said that it would be ok for me to buy a uke down here. I havent found one yet, but the shop we went to today suggested another shop that sold ethnic instruments and said they might have one. We didn’t have time to go find it today, but maybe next week. I just wanted to make sure if it was ok with you that I used money on a uke before I bought one. I’ll let you know when I know how much it costs if I ever find one. Hopefully I do.

The Spanish is coming along pretty well, and more and more people I meet are surprised at the short amount of time I have in the mission. It’s sad that I’ll only get these compliments for the next few weeks haha. Then I’ll just have to get other compliments to keep me satisfied and prideful. People keep telling me how much weight I’m losing, but I can’t tell, because I havent seen a scale in weeks. I don’t know if I want to buy one, because then the scarcity of it will make the weight loss seem more drastic, so it’ll probably just stay a mystery.

Anyway, I have to write some other people too, so I’ll talk to you next week!


Elder Kuoha

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