July 23, 2012

Hi mom,

This is my journal haha. And the other one is a super blurry picture taken from the webcam on this computer I’m using. Super bad quality webcams. I got a haircut today, and the lady even made my eyebrows look beautiful. She is a member, and she also cuts people’s hair. She’s got the coolest family. So the other picture I took is with my camera because I realized how incredibly terrible these webcams are.

Anyways, I think I’ll be done with it before I’m done with my first 12-weeks. I think I’ll buy other journals to write in after this one, and then I’ll ask you to send another just like the one I have or I’ll buy one if they sell it here, for my very last one in the mission. I can’t believe how much I write in it every day. I wrote ten pages the other day. In the MTC I struggled to write even a full-page most nights. So I found a place that sells ukeleles for only $30, but they wont have them in stock until october, but its in san Jose center, so even if I’m not in this area by that time, elders still pass trough there all the time to go places. It’s where buses from everywhere meet up.

Anyways, I’m getting deported tomorrow. I have to spend the night in the mission home tonight and leave tomorrow morning at 4 to get on a bus to Nicaragua. I have to leave Costa Rica by Wednesday, or apparently they send the police (possibly Interpol, from what I’ve heard) after me. No big deal. Apparently this doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. A couple other Elders have to do it too. Only some of the new ones though. I guess I have to do it so they can continue my immigration papers. So apparently, Elder Thompson from my MTC district has to go with me to Nicaragua too. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but I’m kind of excited.

Anyways, I’ve been having a pretty good week. It went by super fast. We found this place in San Jose Center that sells bread filled with ham and cheese and cilantro, and is topped with little pieces of ham and parmesan cheese and peppers. It’s like a foot long and like 6 inches wide, for only 600 colones, which is like $1.20. Super cheap. And even more super delicious. Oh my gosh, how can I possibly be talking about this bread when I heard about the Batman premier? I’m sure you heard, unless you weren’t watching any news for the past couple days. Some guy came to the Batman Premier in Colorado, I think, and killed 12 people and injured 60 more. He brought guns and grenades and tear gas into the theatre, and in one scene, he just went crazy. Apparently he was a medical student too. I don’t know a whole bunch about it, but that’s what I heard so far. It’s absolutely ridiculous. What would cause someone to do that? I can’t even imagine. Anyways, I’m glad we don’t live in Colorado, because you probably would have gone to that premier, if there hadn’t been a family reunion.

Anyways, I havent had a single Pday where something isn’t happening. I get to relax and have fun, but Not one yet where we can just rest and hang around the house. This one will probably be the most interesting, considering I’m getting deported and all. Well, I think that’s about it for today, unless I think of something else. So I’ll leave it at that. I hope everyone’s doing ok back home, and all the family is well. Too bad not everyone showed up. More food for you guys then, right? You should send me some kalua pig. That’s a practical request, if I ever heard one. Have fun for the rest of your time there!

Elder Kuoha

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