July 30, 2012

Hey Mom!

Yeah I’m doing fine; I was only in Nicaragua for like 3 hours, so there’s no need to worry. I got deported because when I got to Costa Rica, they only gave me 30 days, instead of the usual 90, so in order to escape Interpol; I had to go renew my tourist Visa. After 8 hours of bus riding, we got to the border and stayed on the Nicaragua side for a few hours, then came back and rode some more bus. That was the whole trip. The next day it was back to normal work. We got to meet a super cool Elder though, Elder Prince. He’s going home on Thursday, which is crazy. He didn’t seem like he was done with his mission. When we met him, his attitude was like he had a year in the mission, and he wouldn’t give us an exact answer on how much time he had left, but we found out he only had a week left, and we were like wow. He was working hard all the way until the end. He didn’t seem at all trunky. Elder Thompson from the MTC had to go with us too, and also Elder Varela a missionary from the Guatemala MTC that came in the same day we did. SO the three of us new Elders took a bus from San Jose to Guanacaste, which was like 4 or 5 hours, then Elder Prince picked us up there, and took us the rest of the way, or rather rode with us on more buses until we got there. Nicaragua was unbelievably hot. I’ve never sweat so much in my life. Gallons, (almost) literally. It was pretty cool getting to go to another country, though. Now my passport is more colorful than Richard Simmons.

Recently, people have been feeding us really well, so I feel a little like I failed my dieting, haha. Oh my gosh, the Lopez Family made the best food yesterday after church. They bbq’d carne asada and spicy sausage and chorizo. They made so much food. They kept saying “hay más carne, elderes, ¡coman, coman!” Ridiculous. Anyways, I’m trying to get back into the regular shake schedule.

It’s great to see all those pictures of the family, and especially great to hear that Aunty Cherlyn is doing better. I wish I could say “hi” back to Grandpa too. It’s hilarious; he looks exactly the same, just with a little less hair, haha.

I can’t believe Steve Matson is already coming home. I can’t believe Miranda is married already, haha. And that Nathan got his Mission call. Time is passing so fast.

We had our first changes meeting today. It was awesome. It was the first one of our new mission president too. They gave bags of candy to all the people whose birthdays are in August, so I got one! The meeting was a bit long, like 3 hours, but it was really good. We got to hear the testimonies of all the missionaries who are going home, and we got to see all the new areas and calling of all the missionaries who are changing. So many people were announced as Trainers, so that means were getting a whole bunch of new missionaries tomorrow. I got to see all the elders from my district in the MTC again, which is always a treat.

Yesterday at church we had 13 investigators. Our zone had the most investigators at church combined of all the zones. I’m pretty sure we had the most out of any companionship too. 13 is a ridiculous number. Our total church attendance was 124, which means that more than 10% of our church attendance yesterday were investigators. We have this guy named Ricardo, and he’s so ready to be baptized. We wanted him to be baptized last Saturday, but his kids want to be there, and they live in Panama, so hopefully this Saturday they will be able to come. I swear he’s gonna be Bishop in like a year.

Speaking of Bishop, I’ll send you a letter to forward to Bishop Payne.

Well, Tell Connie I am getting her Dear Elders, because in every letter I get she expresses her concern for whether or not I am getting them. Fear not, Connie.

I got a postcard from Tommy today. Almost cried. nbd.

Anyways, I’m doing well. Hope everyone else is too.

Elder Kuoha



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