August 6, 2012

Hey Mom!

Well this last week has been good, but our investigator didn’t get baptized. He wants his kids to be there and they really want to be there, but they couldn’t come last week because they live in Panama. But they’ll be there this saturday, so he has accepted that day for his baptism! This saturday is also the ward activity for Mother’s day. Mother’s day is on August 15 here. I had no idea that every country had a different day. He’s gonna be baptized just a couple of hours before the activity. I’m super stoked.

That’s cool that Paul is visiting again, I miss the whole Ngawaka family. I keep hearing about the Olympics too, and yesterday I saw that the US was ahead of China both in golds and in total, but they were in the lead by only one. I guess I can’t be too sad if the US loses to China, because I’m chinese too, but still. I also heard that Michael Phelps decided to quit swimming. Now that he’s the world record holder for everything ever, he might as well quit while he’s ahead. Although, I didn’t clearly understand if he was just done competing as a swimmer, or done swimming forever. Because I doubt he’d quit swimming. It’s way too fun.

It was nice to write Bishop Payne a letter. I’m glad that I was reminded that there are people I still havent written. I want to write Faith a letter, but I don’t have her address. Is there any way you can get that from her on facebook or something? Thanks.

That’s awesome, it seems like not too long ago I was in band with Christine Pulley. Now she’s married. But so is everyone else, so whatever. And that’s awesome to hear about Joseph too. Or Elder Olsen, I guess, haha. He’s so awesome.

Thanks for sending the box! I’m excited to get it in a few weeks haha. It’s OK that you didn’t put the iPod in though. My comp has an mp3 player with church music on it. All the music should be in iTunes on my laptop, but I guess you can’t access it using dad’s user. My companion loves that speaker you guys sent me, and I do too. It’s so awesome. He has computer speakers, but they have to be plugged in the whole time, so having a chargeable one is just so convenient. So thanks!

I got robbed the other day. It was no big deal, but the guy DID pull out a knife, so I gave him my money. I only had like 1 mil (1000 colones) on me, but thats like $2, so I wasn’t depressed afterwards. In fact, I was super pumped. I had a tuuuuunnnnnn of adrenaline in my system, I just wanted to go beat the crap out of them. I wasnt even mad they robbed me, I just wanted to get the rush out of my body. These two guys were super scrawny and I could have taken them both, even if he had a knife, but we’re supposed to let them rob us, so whatevs. Anyways, they didnt take my watch because they were retarded amateur thieves, and they didnt take my camera, or my bag, just my pocket change. They were straight up IDIOTS. But yeah, I got robbed.

Love you too!!

Elder Kuoha

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