August 13, 2012

Hey Mom!!

Did you end up getting all my messages and pictures from last week? Or
do you need me to send them again?

Anyways, it hasn’t been too hot here, thank goodness, and we get a
pretty good breeze most of the time. And a tornado? What the heck? My
comp says that his uncle lives in Perris, so hopefully nobody got

I haven’t gotten the box yet, but I also haven’t been to the office in
a while. There’s a lady in my ward who saw my journal and wants to
know if you can buy one like the one I have now (the mission ones),
but in spanish and send it here for her. She said she’d pay me for it
and everything, but now every time I see her she asks me “did you ask
you mom yet?” It’s pretty funny. I was wondering if you can send me
another one for me too. I only have like 40 pages left (which is like
2 weeks haha.). I’ll probably have to buy one really soon, but it’ll
probably be a different kind.

I got a card from Misty and a letter from Bailey this week, I think
Tuesday or Wednesday. I wrote Bailey back and sent it out today, so
she should get that sometime in the next couple weeks.

Oh my gosh I miss Hawaiian food. We eat really good here, but nothing
really compares to kalua pig.

I have heard a lot about the olympics here. There are a few people in
our ward that like to keep me updated on the status of the medal race
between China and the US. It was exciting to hear that the US pulled
way ahead right at the end and sealed themselves as the winner. I
think that the winner of the Olympics should win a giant gold medal.
And the country that wins should get like a billion dollars from all
the other participating countries. Then we’d be like .03% less in debt
to China, haha.

So we didn’t have our baptism on Saturday because the guy had to work
at the last minute. We’re shooting for this weekend, but nothing is
certain. But we also have a family and another guy committed to
baptism on the first of September, so that should be an exciting way
to begin the month. A late birthday present to me haha.

So this Wednesday is Mother’s Day here in Costa Rica. We had a pretty
sweet ward party on Saturday to celebrate. Good food, good music (they
played a few songs by Queen at the end), and some futbol for those of
us that can’t dance. So I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day!! This
year and next year you get two! Love you, mom!

Anyways, write me back!

Elder Kuoha

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