August 20, 2012

Hey Mom!

This week has been pretty good. It also went by incredibly fast. Today is the beginning of my tenth week in Costa Rica, which means that if you compare my time here with my time in the MTC, today would be the day on which I left and flew to Costa Rica. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been here for the same amount of time I was in the MTC. Those 9 weeks in Utah seemed like an eternity, while these 9 weeks here have, for the most part, flown by super fast!

We have a few people who we’re teaching, and we have a family that we have on date for baptism, except we have to get the parents married first, which could take some time. The kids want to be baptized though, which is awesome. The other guy we’ve been teaching is starting to drift a little further all the time, and so we might not baptize him. It’s getting hard to contact and have lessons with him, so we think something might be up. We might drop him this week if there’s no progress. All the other missionaries I talk to tell me that dropping investigators is one of the hardest things you have to do on the mission, but it’s necessary when certain people aren’t making progress, and you can’t afford to focus all your time on them. It sucks, but it might have to be done.

Anyways, it has been pretty nice here recently, lots of rain, lots of breeze, and it doesn’t get too hot, so I’m not suffering too bad. I’m actually surprised that it’s not too hot here, but considering I am in the center of the country near the mountains, it makes sense. Elder Johnson who was in the MTC with me is in a place called Limón right now, which is on the beach on the Atlantic side of the country, and apparently its the second hottest place in Costa Rica. I feel sorry for him.

That’s too bad that you got sick last week. I got sick too, but luckily I didn’t have to go to the hospital. My companion and I both woke up feeling super sick, like we were going to throw up, so for lunch that day I made ramen (which if you remember is my magical healing food) and I felt fine afterward. I’m glad you’re doing ok now too, and that it didn’t last too long.

I’m super excited for the visitors center for the temple in San Diego too. It’ll be super nice, I bet. And it should be done and beautiful by the time I get back. Congratulations on your new calling, I hope you’re ready for all the fun activities that you get to plan. And it’s not like you’re being called as Stake President, so you’ll still get sleep at night.

I’ve been trying to use my free time to think about what I want to do when I get back, and I think it’s good that I don’t wait until I have like 2 months left to start thinking about it. I am still pretty unsure, but I’ve been thinking a lot about getting back into football. I think I can lose enough weight to be a pretty efficient player in the next 20 months. I just miss putting on pads and hitting people as hard as I could. Except I think I’d rather play defense when I get back, but who knows, there’s still a lot of time before then.

I’ve put another hole in my belt, and my shirts all feel huge, and my jeans, oh my gosh, they feel like they were made for MC Hammer. It’s the constant walking that we do every day. I hope some day I get to go to Limón so I can sweat off half my body weight.

Anyways, I’m doing well, and don’t worry about the box being late or whatever. And I’m sure the journal will be fine in English, she said she didn’t care.

Yesterday we ate lunch with our landlord, Freddy. He put on a church movie called Home Teachers. If you’ve never seen it, I suggest you go find it and watch it. It was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. The main character in the first scene reminds me of Stuart, like his faces and mannerisms, not necessarily his attitude.

Love you!

Elder Kuoha

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