August 27, 2012

Hey Mom!

This week flew by so fast, it’s unbelievable. I didn’t feel any earthquake, but then again, I never do. Even in the states, you would always ask me when I got home from school, “Did you feel the quake today??” And I’ll always be like “CRAP! I missed another one!!” Anyways, I havent heard anything about it either, so hopefully there wasnt anyone hurt.

I get to watch general conference, but I’m not sure if we get to watch all the sessions. I’m sure we get to watch the main ones though. We have to go out of our area to the Stake center in San Jose, I think. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be in spanish. Which kind of sucks, because it’s just not the same when you don’t get to hear Elder Holland’s real voice.

It hasn’t been too hot here thank goodness, but this last week has been a little warmer than usual. I think it was because there was less breeze. We usually get a lot of clouds and wind but a few days last week were all sun, so it was kind of hot.

Yesterday a bird pooped on my head as we were walking investigators to church, but I’m taller than everyone, so nobody could see the top of my head. When we got to the chapel, I went to the bathroom and washed my hair out with water and soap from the soap dispenser. What I didn’t know, is how freaking bubbly that soap gets. I only used like one little pump of foamy soap, and I spent like 5 minutes rinsing it out in the sink. Then I used paper towels to dry my head, and quietly sat with my investigators. This week we found a young couple and have taught them twice, but we offered some service too. We’re helping them build a house. It’s called a ranchito, because they’re like super tiny houses made out of scrap material, so anyone can build them. But the guy is part of a gang (possibly the leader) and his friend carries a gun with him wherever he goes because certain people want to kill him apparently, and they’re growing weed in their backyard. As we were leaving, we saw the friend with the gun again out in the street hanging out with another guy who was smoking a joint, and as we said bye to the friend and shook his hand, the other dude tried to hand us the joint, and we were like, “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then the friend with the gun was like “nah man, they’re men of God, lol” Fun times indeed.

Oh I forgot to say, we have a baptism set up for this saturday of a kid who’s 9, and he is super on fire. The other investigators we had planned for the 1st of September have fallen through, and most likely wont be baptized any time soon, but we hope that this kids sister gets baptized the week after, and once their parents get married, we can baptize them too!

Anyways, that’s pretty much what happened this week on my end!

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