September 3, 2012

Hey mom!

This week has been incredible. Started out fine, then we had a multi-zone conference, where I got a box from you guys with all the treats from Hawaii, a package from Brittany with a tie and a card, and 7 letters! Everyone there had more envy than Ben Stiller. Any who, it was a great conference, and I learned a lot, Then the next day was my birthday, and a girl in our ward who had the same bday gave us some of the cake her family got for her. One of our investigators’ bday was the day before mine, so when we went there on his bday, he bought a tiny bit of cake for me and him. Then, on Saturday, we had a baptism of two kids, Aarón and Reychell. We bought some Betty Crocker cake mix, two boxes, and made them in one pan for the refreshments afterward. The cake was in the oven for like 3 hours, I thought it wasn’t going to be done in time for the eating part! It was confetti cake, and everyone loved it and wished me a happy birthday too. But my companion baptized Aarón and I baptized Reychell. On Sunday, the bishop confirmed Reychell, and I confirmed Aarón. I was super nervous, but I did pretty well. Once the parents, Mario and Gabriela get married, we can baptize them too.

This Monday is changes meeting, so we find out on Saturday morning if we stay or go. I have a feeling that my companion is going, because he’s been here for 6 months already. But then again, I remember that Elder Goff was in our ward for like 9 months, so there’s a chance he might stay too. I’ve got a few pictures of us together, and they’re at the baptismal service, so even better!

That’s super awesome about Lucius playing the trumpet! I thought he didn’t really like it that much, haha. Just make sure he practices, like I never did, haha. That’s the key to not suck. I don’t know why I didn’t suck really bad. I was just given a gift of being pretty good without having to practice very much. I’m still kind of freaking out about WIll winning in BD and everything haha, it’s incredible. Man, this keyboard I’m using is sooo much better than the other ones in this cybercafe! My fingers are flying!! I feel like that recorder lady from that episode of Friends when Ross kept shouting “Stop typing ‘Stop typing!!'”

We’re having a guy from the Area Presidency come here this week, so we get to have a mission conference. Then we have changes just a few days after that. Exciting times ahead.

Elder Kuoha

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