September 11, 2012

Hey Mom,

First of all, that’s terrible news about Justin’s mom, I’ll definitely be praying for their family.

Moreover, my week has been pretty good. The earthquake happened during study time, and we felt it pretty good here, but nothing broke or anything like that. Interesting enough, we had a member of the Seventy here that day, and he held a multi zone conference for certain zones all throughout Costa Rica, and he had two more days of conferences with the other zones. In preparation for that day’s meeting, the Elders in Guanacaste and Nicoya (where the earthquake was strongest) were called to be in San José for the conference, and were perfectly safe. My zone had a meeting with him the next day where they told us that interesting story. President Wilkinson told me all about the letter you wrote, and thought it was kind of funny. Apparently the news in the US really exaggerated the damage and such. In my area, all was fine, but I know that 3 people died from it, and like 20,000 people are without water, and 50,000 without electricity, and there were (interestingly enough, for those who knew me from childhood) 270 aftershocks recorded, at least when I saw a newspaper the next day.

Too bad about the Elders moving out, but they’ll be fine.

Oh yeah, sorry about not writing yesterday, we had changes meeting in the morning, and I got a new companion, Elder Schweinfurth. He’s Guatemalteco, if you can’t tell from his name. The next thing I’m about to write is kind of hard to believe. After changes meeting, the whole mission got on 4 private buses and went to Alajuela, about an hour away from San José, and went to the church building there. we all had until 3:30 to eat some lunch before we had to be seated and preparing ourselves mentally and spiritually for the next meeting, where Elder M. Russell Ballard, Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and President Henry B. Eyring were coming to talk to all the missionaries of Costa Rica. They talked to us until 6:30, then separated to three exits, where the missionaries could get in line to shake one of the three’s hands. I was closest to Elder Christofferson, so I shook his. I’ll never forget the things that President Eyring shared. Absolutely incredible. So after that, we got on a bus to San José and then I took my new companion on another bus to Hatillo, so he could take his bags to the house. We got back late enough to not be able to go to any appointments, so he just unpacked. He’s really cool, and I can’t wait to be a better missionary with his help.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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