September 17, 2012

Hey Mom!

This week has been super good. We have done a lot of work, and we have seen some miracles since last week. My new comp is super awesome, and obedient, which is the important part. We even go running every morning! I have a banana peanut butter shake every day too. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Today, we’re going to play ping-pong with our district at the chapel in our area, so that should be some good fun. I hope things are going good at home. I was thinking the other day about the date, and I realized that everyone’s in school. Well, people who go to high school, or RCC. That was super weird to think about, that I’m like the only one I know who won’t be going to school this semester.

Anyways, I have a pretty cool story. I was on divisions a week and a half ago, and Elder Martinez (zone leader) was with Elder Gonzalez (my old comp) in Hatillo, and I was with Langford (other zone leader) in Don Bosco. Martinez and Gonzalez contacted a guy in the street with his family, and the guy was less active, and he invited the elders to come over some time. When divisions were over, I was back with Gonzalez, and we got a call from a member of another ward with a reference of a mechanic with the nickname Cocho who lives by the Bishop. So when I got my new comp, we went looking for Cocho. Found him after a long search, and then we started meeting with him a couple of times. We were on divisions again this week, and I was with Elder Martinez in our area, and we went to Cocho’s house, and Martinez was like, “hey, that’s the guy we contacted in the street with Gonzalez! You guys came back and everything, that’s awesome.” But Gonzalez never told me about the contact they made earlier. It just so happened that the same guy was also referenced to us. Like he was supposed to be found, and it took two completely separate influences in order for him to be found. Pretty cool to me. But that’s not even the coolest part. I’m pretty sure Brother Burgess baptized him 14 years ago and his siblings when he served his mission here. I’m sending a picture of the baptismal service. Well, a picture of the picture. His name is Edgar Bonilla. His brother’s name is Mauricio. His companion was Guatemalteco. Ask Bro Burgess if he ever served in Hatillo, and if so, if he baptized this guy. It’s an incredible “coincidence.” Anyways, I don’t have any time left.

I love you!

Elder Kuoha

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