September 24, 2012

Hey Mom!

I’ve had a really good week, but it’s absolutely incredible how fast the time is passing. Now that we’re working harder than ever, and being obedient to (almost) all the rules, we’re seeing miracles. This week, I got a letter from Faith, Tommy, and 2 postcards from Bailey. It was a good haul. It’s good to hear that everything is going well at home, and that Bro Pace is still a boss. I can’t thank him enough for being a part in me deciding to go on a mission.

Today we played futbol at the park with most of our zone, and I fell hard a couple times and now my knee is even bigger than normal. It was already huge, but now its just crazy. We bought a frying pan this morning, so I made me and my comp some eggs. It’s been forever since I’ve had eggs, it was glorious.

We got some bad news this week, though. One of our investigators, Ronny, who was kind of an old guy from Texas, who only spoke English, died this week. Something happened and he went to the hospital like 9 days ago, and we learned that he died last Tuesday. It was really sad. He was really amazing. He had a baptismal date and everything. But, he’s in a better place, saying “Whyyy didn’t I get baptized soonerrr!!!” Haha jk.

Anyways, we got to take an investigator family to the temple this week too. They loved it, like everyone does. Here’s some pictures. Can you put them on facebook and accept Gabriela Avalos as my friend?

I love you, but we don’t have any more time left!!!!

Elder Kuoha

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