October 15, 2012

Hey Mom!

I had like 6 pictures to send. but my camera died because for some reason, leaving it plugged into the computer drains the battery super fast. You would think that having it plugged in would charge it, but NO. So I don’t have any pictures again. Sorry. Except I saved 2 on the desktop to send, so here you go.

Well the time here is passing by even faster than before, if it’s believable. It feels like a while since it’s been P Day, but each day passed by really fast, so I don’t really know how to describe it. Someone who served a mission would understand, lol. That’s super cool that Bishop Payne is now President Payne. It sounds cooler too. I think I’ll just call him Mikey when I get home though. We’re cool like that.

We’re working hard here, and everything is going well, so don’t worry about me. I havent gotten the package yet, but that’s because we havent gone to the office in forever. We have changes next week, so hopefully I get it then. Also, did you get dr scholls for me? If not, can you get some and send them when you get the chance? they don’t sell them here in my size. Not even close.

We had a good day at the park today with a member family and the non-member husband. They’re my favorite family in costa rica so far. When we come back, we’re visiting them.

Sorry, I don’t have any time left, but I love you!

Elder Kuoha

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