October 22, 2012

Hey Mom! Here’s a bunch of pictures!
I had to say goodbye to a lot of families today because I’m leaving the area tomorrow. I still have to visit more people and take more pictures, but this is the only free time to do internet, so I don’t have all the pictures yet to send. Next week I’ll send more. We get calls on Monday morning now, so we have all of our P Day to say goodbye to the people we want to. i wish they told us on Sunday morning so we could say goodbye to everyone in church.

I haven’t gotten your box yet, but I’m sure it’ll be there tomorrow when we go to changes meeting. I’ll probably get mail too. Which is bittersweet, because I love mail, but I’m still way behind on writing all the people I’ve received letters from.

Tell Lucius good luck! Have Jeremy come over and help him or something haha. Jeremy’s good at trumpet, and he lives close. Just don’t let Will come over. jk.

It’s really sad, we don’t have any Mexican food here. Except Taco Bell. There’s a Taco Bell in San Jose centro.

So I’ll find out my new area and companion tomorrow morning in changes meeting. My address is still the same. It’s kind of funny, as soon as we started to change the way we worked to be more efficient, I get changes.

Ok, I gotta go, but I love you and miss you!

Elder Kuoha

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