November 5, 2012

Hey Mom!

I really like my new area, but it’s really, really big. Like it goes like 3 or 4 hours in bus from one end to the other, so its hard to know everything here. But the people are a lot nicer here than in my last area, so that’s nice. The problem is the members, and the fact that they don’t work with the missionaries very well. The people who tried really hard to be member missionaries eventually got discouraged because nobody else wanted to help bring people back to the church, then they went inactive too. But my comp is really cool, so that’s good. He’s from Pleasant Grove in Utah, and he goes home in 4 weeks haha.

Thanks for sending a new card and another box! I wont get it until changes meeting probably, but at least I’ll get it haha. It’ll really come in handy when I get the chance to buy an ukulele.

There was a horse parade yesterday in the town center here, so they closed most of the roads and everything. It was pretty cool. I got to take a picture with a sweaty horse. I didn’t get on it, but I stood next to it, and that’s the next best thing.

There was a fireworks show here last night after a football game, and it was right in the lot like 100m from where we were, so it was pretty loud and cool. My camera has a fireworks mode, so I got some pretty sweet pictures.

Not a lot happened this week. Oh, we have to change houses, because they took out 2 missionaries from this area when I came in, so we’re living in a house for four, but there’s just two of us. The secretaries called and told us to find a new house. That was kind of stressful, but after looking we found one for pretty cheap, and it’s nice and roomy. So sometime in the next 10 days we have to move completely. Kind of stressful, but it’s all good.

I heard Will Smith just filmed a movie here in La Fortuna, which is in my area, but about two hours in bus from where we live. I guess a snake bit someone on the crew and it made the news.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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