November 19, 2012

Hey Mom!

This week went by pretty fast, and it was good too. It wasnt too great, but it was good. We had a good heart to heart with a member in our ward, and it made me miss Tommy a whole lot. Last week I sent a postcard to Gram, and I wrote another one for Brittany, but I didn’t have her address, but she sent it to me. I hope she doesn’t have changes, so she can get the postcard. Tomorrow I should be getting that ukulele that I’ve been trying to get since July. I’ve missed my uke so much it’s crazy.

Today we don’t get a full day of P Day. In fact, we only get to write home, and then we go back to work, because we’re going to the temple on Wednesday, and it’s like an all day thing. So they don’t want us to be using an entire working day to go there. I’m super excited to go, because it’ll be the first time I’ve been since I was in Utah. After 4 months of gong at least twice a week, then two months of going once a week, it’s hard to go five months without going once.

Thanks for sending the card, we have a multizone meeting on the 29th, so I should be able to get it then. I should also be getting the packages that you guys all sent.

Back when I was in Hatillo, probably in July, Aunt Jill emailed me a couple times, but she’s the only one. Not even Chris emails me back sometimes. I haven’t heard from Tony in a few weeks either. I look forward to some letters from home too, especially some of the people from the ward. Bishop, or President Payne hasn’t written me back either. Nobody loves me, apparently. Haha just kidding. I have a box to send home, but I’m waiting for my card so I can use personal money to send it. I’m sending the stuff for Brittany in the same box, because it’s a little less complicated. I’ll just put a list that says who all the stuff is for.

Nothing else is really going on. It’s just pretty discouraging to be in an Area about the size of the Riverside mission as my Branch. We’ve only been to about 15% of the area. We’re just trying to stay positive, but it’s hard. The mission’s hard, mom. But whatever, I’m not coming home yet, so I guess I’ll just have to keep working.

Well I’m sure you’re waiting for more pictures, so I’ll send some.

Love you!

Elder Kuoha

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