November 26, 2012

Hey mom!

The weatherman here is called the meteorológico, but the people all call him the “mentirológico.” It’s really funny, because apparently the weatherman will tell people that it’s gonna be sunny all day long, so it’s a good day to be outside, and it ends up raining all day. The joke is that the word “mentir” means “lie.” I bought a nice umbrella with the strong fiberglass and everything. It’s a big golf umbrella that covers 3-4 regular people, or 1-2 Elder Kuohas.

This week we have a multi-zone conference, so I should be getting the box you sent me a while ago, and my card, and hopefully some mail. My companion said that last Christmas, they held a multi-zone around Christmas time and they had a big talent show. Maybe this year they’ll have something similar so that I can play a song on the uke I bought last week. It’s pretty nice and it’s got a cool design on it. Sounds pretty good too.

The wet season started a little while ago, and it’s been raining just about every day nonstop. It sucks, but it’s life haha. my feet are dry 99% of the time though, so I don’t have too much to worry about. My comp’s shoes have 2 years of use, and they’ve got holes aplenty. His feet get wet on a clear day if it’s just too humid, haha. Unless he was wearing his rubber rain boots, he’s got a fan on his socks all night long.

The area is tough because the members here are super hard to work with. It’s really difficult to get someone to promise to do anything. That’s the biggest problem here. Gosh, the guy sitting behind me in this internet cafe has the X-Files theme song as his ringtone, and he’s the most popular person in the world apparently. Anyways, we’re trying our best to work with the members, but it’s tough. We had an activity on Saturday, and we were in charge of everything. We watched Up, and we made popcorn and juice. 26 people showed up, and 8 were investigators, so it went ok on our part, but the members failed us pretty bad. We didn’t watch the movie because we were in the kitchen the whole time, making more popcorn for the kids that kept begging for more. It went alright, and we’re going to have it this weekend too, hoping that more people will show up this time than showed up last time.

We’re heading into my companion’s last week here in Costa Rica, and we’re sure as heck going to have a luau for him next Monday  we’re planning on working hard too, don’t worry.

Well, I gotta go now, so tell everyone I said hi!

Love, Elder Kuoha

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