December 24, 2012

Hey mom!

Hey, Merry Christmas!
Hope you get the things you want,
And send me stuff too!

The holiday season without homemade banana nut bread really isnt the holiday season, is it? I guess I can just buy some from a bakery. This last week we had a multi-zone activity where we were split up into groups and got a bag of props. Each team had 15 minutes to come up with a 5 minute skit. It was super fun. we didnt win, but the winning skit was absolutely genius, so I’m not mad. Then we ate some good food, and got some really cool keychains as a christmas gift from the president and his family. President Wilkinson got a new car from his family for christmas because there were a lot of problems with the mission cars before because some of the old secretaries got in accidents and there are a whole bunch of legal problems and stuff.

Anywho, Christmas time here is really nice. Other than the rain, its really nice. There are a lot of people who put up decorations, but it’s not as much as in the states. Some people have trees, but theyre usually pretty small. But almost everyones got a wreath with decorations on it haha. Some people even have stuff that says “merry Christmas” on it in english, its kind of funny.

I’m good down here. Just some good days, some bad days, some days where I wonder what the heck I’ve gotten myself into haha. I’m having a real good time with my comp, Elder Fuimaono. He’s super cool. I can’t help but laugh my face off when he makes his warrior face. We’re trying hard to keep trying hard every day. That’s what it’s all about, ¿right?

Well, Merry Christmas from Costa Rica! I sure miss you!


Elder Kuoha

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