January 7, 2013

Hey mom!

New Years was ok,
My shoulder feels better now.
Nothing’s broken, phew!

So this week has been unbelievably cold! Record cold in Costa Rica! It was 70 degrees!!! Everyone was walking around in big fur jackets and snow shoes in case it snowed! We lit our kitchen on fire last night just so we didn’t die through the night time. Just kidding to all of that except the 70 degrees. New years went well, fireworks past midnight then even into Wednesday some people were setting off fireworks, it’s crazy how people don’t know when it’s January 2nd. Went to the hospital this week, and they told me i just strained a couple ligaments, but the gave me some pills and now I feel better. My shoulder only hurts a little bit when I move it too far forward. That’s cool to hear about all the steak you’ve all been eating. I’m sure I’ll get to eat pretty well when I go home too. The address that you have is the only one that we can get mail at. Technically we have small mail places in just about every place in the country, It would be too big of a hassle to buy a p.o. box and then get changes while the package is in the air, then have to ask an elder to bring it to the office for me, so the way it is is the easiest. I have a box to send home, but I’m trying to fill it with stuff. The only problem is that I keep forgetting to buy stuff to put in it.

Well, I gotta go, but I love you!

Elder Kuoha

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