January 21, 2013

Hey Mom!

Saw a waterfall
Today as we went hiking
On a volcano.

Some answers:
1. None
2. No
3. No
4. Not yet

I hope that this week or the next I’ll finally be able to get those boxes you’ve sent out here. Good to here that things are going well back home, and I hope they keep going that way and that they improve as well.

Anywho, we went hiking on the volcano at the foot of which is built the city in which we live. The hike was beautiful, but I forgot my camera because I wanted to bring my lighter backpack, and I forgot to put the camera in there. But it’s ok, the other elders took a bunch of pictures and they’ll send them to me next pday. I fell down only one time, and cut my hand open, but it’s cool, it only bled a lot. Then we pushed a boulder off the waterfall and watched it hit the pool down there. It was a great experience for men, because we got to break stuff and watch stuff hit other stuff. We ate bologna sandwiches and drank coke up there and stuff. It was great. We’ll probably never do it again because it was a looong hike to get up there, and it’s ALL uphill. But it was fun.

Well, not much else has been going on that’s too exciting. We were gonna get some sister missionaries, but apparently something happened, and now they’re not coming at least until the next changes. So we looked for a house for them for nothing. But they should be coming here in like a month, so now we have to look for someone who wants tenants who may or may not need an apartment sometime in the next month, maybe.

Well, I hope everything goes well back home from now until the end of eternity.

Elder Kuoha

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