January 28, 2013

Hey Mom!

A long time ago,
In a galaxy far, far
Away, oh, the end.

So this week passed by really really fast. It felt like two days ago I was emailing home. Just to let you know, I finally got my ukulele box! Today I went to San Jose with an elder in my district to get his box, and I saw a box for me in the office and I got all excited and opened it. It sounds soooo much better than the one I bought here. I got the weird present Lucius gave me too haha. It’s cool, but kind of weird, but it’s still cool. But man, is that thing weird lol. Anywho, then after we got the boxes, we went to Price Mart (Costco) and went to find the pepper jack cheese that I saw there the last time I was there, and it was gone. They said that the merchandise usually comes in on Tuesday or Thursday, and we got there on Monday, the last day of the week according to the merchandise. No cheese. It was literally the only reason I went to the store. And it wasn’t even there. I got so mad I went and bought a cheap pizza and split it with three other missionaries. Didn’t end up buying anything else from there either, because we only went for the cheese. I could keep complaining too. I’m sure you’re done hearing about the cheese, but nobody understands how much I miss pepper jack cheese. It’s ridiculous.

Anyways, I got the box, and I’m happy again, and so we headed back for the three and a half hour bus ride back to our area. Got back and came straight to internet. One thing I’d like you to send me is my iHome. I can’t charge both the speaker and the ipod at the same time, so sometimes we have to go like 30 minutes without music. Ugh, first world problems. I haven’t gotten the kalua pig box yet, but it should come to the office soon depending on when you sent it, and I should get it in the next couple weeks if it gets here by the beginning of February.

I’m feeling good, getting along great with my companion, and the weather has been amazing recently. Sunny and really windy. Warm, but still cool enough to be comfortable. Our investigators are progressing well. We’re teaching Ana, Rodis, Alonso, Irene, Mirla, Gustavo, Eisner, Henry, Estefanía, Jose, Jose, Beatriz, Alberto, and Helen. More or less those are the people we’re focusing on these days. We’ve got a couple people lined up to be baptized on the 9th, and a couple on the 16th of February. It should be a good month.

BTW, Las Brisas means: the breezes.

The time is just passing super quickly. I remember how long the two months in the MTC felt. It was the slowest two months of my life. And these 9 months have passed like 2 weeks, and it’s just ridiculous. I’m enjoying my time here, having fun and falling down and hurting myself, but having fun too. Making lot’s of friends, and meeting people I knew before. It’s a great experience, and I’m glad I’m taking part in it.

Thanks for sending stuff to me, and please continue to do so!

Love you,
Elder Kuoha

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