February 4, 2013

Hey Mom!

Went hiking again,
To another waterfall
By a volcano.

Today was a really fun p-day, we hiked to a waterfall after an hour bus ride, and it was a waterfall like 3 times the size of the last one. I got pretty sweaty, and I smell really bad. But it was suuuper fun. I took pictures, but before we got to the waterfall, my battery died. I thought it was gonna be OK before we left because the little battery thing was full. I haven’t charged it for like 2 months, but the battery thing turned yellow at like the last 2% of battery life. It would be nice if it gave more warning. anyways, it was a good day. this week was really good too, and this coming week should be even better.

Brandon was the guy that played trumpet, right? That’s a cool story. We saw like 20 seconds of the super bowl at someones house yesterday, and the ravens were up 31-26 or something like that, then we saw it again like 20 minutes later (even though only like 3 minutes passed in the game) and the 49ers had made a field goal, and Fui and I were like “man, that’s a close game.” Then we left and the member told us today in the morning that the ravens won. I can’t believe that someone else made a 109 yd kickoff return, that’s crazy.

Anyways, we gotta go now.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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