February 18, 2013

Sorry for the lack
Of letter last week, I just
Didn’t have much time.

Hey Mom,

These past two weeks have been pretty good. We had two baptisms this last Saturday, which was pretty exciting. We also had a wedding that went well as well, so that was nice too. There was a lot of food and cake, so all were satisfied. We have been pretty busy these last couple weeks with lessons and such, but we still find time to enjoy ourselves. Last Friday was my comps birthday, and the members here had an activity the same day, so they also bought a cake for him and smashed an egg on his head, as is the Costa Rican tradition. They didn’t do that to me, so I guess I just lucked out. The lady that got him was super short, so it was really surprising that she was able to straight up slam dunk the egg on him. We definitely love the members here, and it’ll be sad if we leave. We have changes calls tonight, so we still don’t know if one of us is going to leave, but I hope not. I’ve grown way to attached to these people.

Anywho, I loved what you said in your letter to me “we sent you a box last week so you should get it this week.” Probably made me laugh the hardest I have in a month. I’m still waiting for the box you sent me at the beginning of January. I think its crazy how inefficient the mail system is down here. This week we’re getting two more missionaries into our area, so we have to go to San José to pick them up and show them how to get to our area, so hopefully it’ll be the day I can pick up the box I’ve been waiting for. Thanks so much for sending me my uke by the way, I play it every day, and everyone loves it. Sometimes I bring it to activities we have and I just sit there and sing, and everyone’s like “play this song!!” But it’s a song in Spanish I’ve never heard before, so I’m just like “sorry, I don’t know that one…” But it’s always a good time. We played for a member family during one of their family home evenings, and they recorded it and put it on facebook. Everyone kept commenting, asking “who’s that good looking white guy?” Sorry ladies, I’m on a mission from God four times more realistic than that of the Blues Brothers.

Anywho, We’ve been doing ok, and it’s crazy, I complete 10 months on the mission today. The time flies really fast. I always feel like the weeks are only to or three days. But whatever. I hope everything is going well at home, and I hope everyone is doing ok.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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