February 25, 2013

So I finally
Got to go to San José
And receive my box.

It’s about time. the box got to the country on the 31st of January, but it got stopped in the mail office and the office didn’t tell me about it until this last week, so I had to pay like $20 to get it out, because they charge by the nights they have to hold it. Thanks so much for the stuff! We’re gonna make some kalua pig in the next couple weeks and we’re gonna make it good. We’ve been enjoying ourselves, and it’s a blessing to be with someone as easy to work with as Elder Fuimaono. A member asked us the other day if we fight all the time, and we told him no, and he was like “really??” And we had to convince him that we’re both just cool with each other. I mean we have the occasional disagreement, but then it ends with a joke or a fist fight or something like that, nothing too dramatic. But yeah, I wanted to print out a whole bunch of pictures today at Price Mart, but we didn’t have enough time before we had to get home because I was waiting in the mail office over an hour and a half.

Thanks for the pics, and tell Lily thanks for the drawings she sent me. I have had the box ready to send you guys since Friday, but we were super busy, then on Saturday we got to the mail office like two minutes after it closed, so they wouldn’t let me in. So I hope tomorrow I can send it. I’ve got a couple letters to send too. I hope I can get the next box soon too.

Our area split this last week, and the sister missionaries came in on Wednesday, so our first couple days with them have been pretty hectic trying to help them get stuff for their apartment and meeting the members and investigators for their half of the area. It’s been kind of stressful, but I know it will turn out such a greater blessing having them both here to help us in the work.

Well, not much else has been going on here with us, but I hope everything is going well with everyone at home. I hope everyone has gotten the letters I sent in the past few months, I’m all caught up on mailing all the people that have written me, so I hope everyone is as content as I am.

I love you and miss you, and I’ll talk to you next week!

Elder Kuoha

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