March 4, 2013

Hey Mom!

This next Saturday,
We’re making kalua pig.
Oh, oh, it’s magic.

So today we had the great opportunity to have the District President, President Wong, drive us around La Fortuna and show us the man-made lake, the volcano, the hot springs, the zip line, and the beautiful drive. The only two downsides are that it was pretty cloudy, so we couldn’t see the volcano, and that I had to sit in the trunk of his suzuki suv. There were only 5 actual seats, so one of us had to sit in the back. I thought it was going to be fun at first, then we got to the dirt roads. Me equivoqué. Then he drove us to his house where he showed us around, and then we had a great dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and platano maduro. Then after eating a ton, we got on a bus back home. it was a pretty enjoyable day, even though the sky wasn’t clear, but now I know that when we come back to visit, we know exactly where to go.

Not much else that’s going on here. We’ve got a bunch of people we’re teaching, but almost all of them are brand new, so we didn’t have a single investigator in church this Sunday  But that might also be due to the rain. The “summer” season just ended, apparently, and its been raining 3 days in a row. They all told me that summer started early, then the rain begins in April or May, but I guess every season got a little ahead of schedule. I hope it doesn’t stay like this the rest of the time I’m here, because it’ll make it a little miserable. I always thought I’d love to move to and study in Seattle because I loved the rain. I think I only loved the rain because in California, we never got any. But now that I know what it’s like to live in a place that’s rainy, I think I’d hate it. But when it’s sunny, there’s not a more beautiful place than San Carlos. If I ever move to Costa Rica, I’m pretty sure I’d stay here, but then again, I don’t know the beach areas yet, so who knows.

Anyways, I sent a box last week, so I hope it get’s there some time soon. Maybe I’ll get the boxes you sent me before April, haha. But realistically speaking, I probably wont.

Anywho, I love you, and miss you, and I hope everything is going well for everyone.

Elder Kuoha

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