March 18, 2013

Hey Mom!

Got the box this week,
The one with the shoes in it.
Thank you very much.

The shoes are super nice, and I’m so happy to have the iHome again. Fui and I now listen to our music twice as loud as it was before, and now we have three alarms in the morning to make sure we get up on time haha.

Our investigators couldn’t get baptized yesterday because the District Leader didn’t sign the paper to approve the interview, so we have to wait until next Sunday to do it. All three of them were bummed to hear that we had to postpone the baptism. We’ve been having a good time though. We came to an area called Pital that’s about an hour and a half away from our area so we could go roller skating with the elders here, but when we got here they told me (not surprisingly) that they didn’t have skates in my size, so Fui and I just sat there and watched the other elders and the youth from their branch skating. Needless to say it wasn’t very fun watching other people having the fun we wished we could have had, so we left early. We’re just gonna eat and head back to our area. The good news is that there is a skating rink in our area as well, but we have to go see if they have skates my size first before we suggest that they come here to skate with us. But it looked like it was a blast for them. I always knew it was a hassle to have big feet, but today I feel like I realized that it was more than just a hassle, it’s a tragedy. But like all tragedies, there’s nothing to do but keep moving forward and make the best out of the situation.

We got to do service on Saturday morning, about an hour away from our house, but still in our area. We were mixing and placing cement for like 7 hours. It was really exhausting, but we got through it and then went to an Elders Quorum bbq activity and we ate plenty of grilled beef. I hope we can make kalua pig again, because the two families that we made it with really liked it, and I thought it turned out pretty well too. We’ve also made Loco moco, and I think we’ll make that more often considering it’s a lot cheaper and easier.

I peeled a few coconuts the other day, and I broke them open and drank the water and ate the fruit. I felt like a real Polynesian, rather than the haole I’ve been for 20 years, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me, so I didn’t get any pictures. We brought three more coconuts (already peeled) home and I made a banana-coconut smoothie this morning and it was like eating coconut. It tasted delicious, but the fruit didn’t blend well. I’ll experiment to improve the consistency.

Well, that’s all the news I have to say. Oh, here’s a photo of when Elder Christofferson came to the mission.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha


My whole mission when Elder Christofferson came to visit! He is in the front row and I am in the back...

My whole mission when Elder Christofferson came to visit! He is in the front row and I am in the back…

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