April 1, 2013

Hey Mom!

This was Holy Week,
Wednesday through Friday off for

In celebration of the Atonement, the Catholic church takes over the country for one week, called Semana Santa (Holy Week) and kids don’t have school, and Wed-Fri are when everything is closed. All shops, all grocery stores, and even all the buses are on a day off. It was hard to plan for those days, because we always take buses to get to certain areas, but luckily, there was one of our branch missionaries who has a car and offered his help. We also went with our branch mission leader and had divisions and it went really well. We always hear that semana santa is the hardest time of the year to have lessons with people, but this was the week when I’ve had higher numbers than ever. It went really well for us. This week we have changes, but we don’t get the call until tonight, so it’s still a mystery. I don’t want to leave this area, but I think I am, because I’ve already got 4 changes here. Just like the last time I didn’t want to leave my area, because I’ve grown to love these people so much, that it hurts to even think about leaving them in the hands of some other missionary, especially my converts here. I know I’ll come back and visit them, it’s just a matter of one year. Speaking of that, I’m almost at my one year mark. 18 days left, and I’m halfway there. Crazy, huh?

Today I sent a box of stuff home, because I thought they’d look great in the house. I also sent Will’s letter. It had to wait a little because the post office wasn’t open last week. Speaking of sending boxes, you don’t ever have to worry about waiting to send anything, because the address will never change, haha. It will always be the same until the second coming, and in that day, boxes won’t matter much to me, lol. But you could send me a couple bags of beef jerky if you want, but I can’t think of anything else. I can get most other things here. You can also hold off on a bag of shake mix for now, I’ve already got two that are unopened. We haven’t had milk for a while, hence me not being able to make shakes, but I’m working my way through the next bag. So you guys can keep it for another month or two. But yeah, don’t worry about any addresses changing, there’s only one.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Tony and Kimra this week, it should be a good one. Tony flew Chris in a couple weeks ago, but I don’t know if he’ll be there when you get there or not. They sent me some pictures of them together. That would be nice if you got to see Chris too. I sure miss him. It’s been like 4 years since I’ve seen him, and pictures don’t really do it.

Well, that’s about all that’s been going on here. I hope you enjoy your week and stuff.


Elder Kuoha

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