April 15, 2013

Hey Mom,

This week was pretty good, but stressful. But I’m glad your week was good. It sounds like you really enjoyed your week visiting Tony, which is nice. We had a good time too. I really like my district, and I’ve come to speak more Spanish daily because none of them speak English, which is good, because i need to practice more. When I was with Fui, we spoke mostly English because we were having way too much fun making fun of how short the people are here, and them not knowing what we were talking about. Now I can’t make fun of the short people, because my comp doesn’t speak English.

Today we went to the Costa Rican equivalent of Costco and i printed out some pictures, and we ate pizza. It was a good way to celebrate the beginning of the week in which I complete half my mission. In three days complete a year. It feels weird, but at the same time it doesn’t feel any different. I miss family and friends though, that’s for sure.

I wrote a couple letters in the past week and a half. One to grandma, and to Andre, and one to Tommy. I’m working on the reply to Bailey’s letter. I wrote Faith twice in a row and I still haven’t gotten anything back, but I’ll keep waiting. I sent home a box right before I left my last area, and I sent home a little box today. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the mail. That would suck.

Anywho, I love you and hope all is well.

Elder Kuoha

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