April 22, 2013

Hey Mom,

I miss Hawai’i.
Wish I could go back there soon,
And live forever.

I’m enjoying my time here in my new area, but it’s a lot harder that it was in my last area. It’s also wayyyy smaller, like .1% the size. Yes, one tenth of one percent. But were starting to work more with the members so that the work is a little easier. I still don’t have any pictures with my companion, mainly because he’s kind of a weirdo haha, but whatever. The church isn’t close to the house, but we live outside of our area. We take a bus every day to our area and another back to come home. We live with two other elders and the house is in their area. But the building is in our area, and the area is easy to navigate. It’s like a 30-45 minute walk from one side to the other, which is tiny compared to my last area. In San Carlos, it was a 30-45 min bus ride from one side of the area to the other side of the first county we covered, then there was a 3 hour bus ride to the other edge.

Today we played ruby and futbol again and I played without shoes again, because the field was super muddy due to the rain yesterday. Then we went to a members house and I made Loco Moco for them and the four of us. Then there was a torrential rain and a bunch of lightning incredibly close to the house we were in, so we stayed there a little and waited for the rain to stop. Good day today, but now I’m really exhausted.

I’m glad you guys enjoyed your stay in Hawaii, I’m sure it was great to see the family. It makes me really happy that the service for Auntie Cherlyn was so beautiful. It shows how many people love her. I wish I could have been there, but I’m where I should be. I hope we can go back and visit next year for that family reunion, because that would be tuanis (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tuanis).

I hope I can live there someday and just drive my Audi around all day with my husky in the passenger seat.

Love you, miss you, cant wait to talk to you on mother’s day!

Elder Kuoha

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