April 29, 2013

Hey Mom,

So this week was tough,
I got sick like half way through;
Mostly better now.

So this week was full of trials and tribulations, but we just sucked it up and kept working. Elder Flores and I got sick because we decided to see who was stronger and we did an incredibly stupid amount of bicep curls with his 50 lb dumbbell, and so the next day we both had a fever and stomach problems and extreme arm pain. I had the fever like three days too. I’m mostly better now, but still a little messed up. Glad to hear that all is well at home, and that more people are getting cool mission calls like Matt Mortensen. Speaking of which, did Chad Holden ever get a mission call? I was thinking about him the other day for some reason.

Honestly, there’s not much to tell this week. Oh, I wrote a letter to Bailey last week, but the nearest post office is like 6 km from us, so we have to take a bus and walk for like a half hour to get there, so I sent the envelope with the zone leaders to mail it, because it’s in their area. Hopefully she gets it sometime soon. Oh and because I sent home all the letters ive received here in the mission to save space, I don’t have any return addresses, so I sent it to tommy’s address. I used the whole “c/o” thing, in the way that I think it’s supposed to be used, so hopefully the mailman understands what I was getting at. I sent tommy a letter a couple of weeks ago too. Hopefully everyone gets all these letters.

Tell Bishop Payne, or President Payne, that I’m still waiting to hear from him, haha.

I hope all is well, love and miss you,

Elder Kuoha

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