May 6, 2013

Hey Mom!

Had a stressful week
But all is getting better.
Wish me tons of luck!

This week we had to find a new house in one day, then the next day we had to move houses. it was super stressful, then we had to buy a whole bunch of stuff for the new empty house. Then for like 4 days I only had the equivalent of 34 cents to my name. but all has gone back to normal and I have like $3.50. We bought roses for the Bishops wife so he’d like us more, because he got all over my case for telling some super lame jokes to some little kids. If you ask me, he needs to take it easy. But he’s the bishop here, so we have to be on good terms. We’ll drop off the roses a little later because they don’t get home until 5 pm.

Good to hear that your vacation is going well, and that you’re enjoying Nauvoo as much as I did. There’s not a whole lot of time today, because a whole bunch of people wrote me this last week, yay! It was the weirdest thing in the world typing to these people after writing to them for a year in pencil. It was seriously weird. I think I’ll just go back to writing them with letters from now on, haha. Just kidding, the convenience of email is way to great.

Not a whole bunch more to report from this past week either. I’m having an experience that constantly increases in happiness. That was a weird sentence, but you understand what I meant. Very rewarding is what I was getting at.

Love you, miss you, hope to talk to you next week for mothers day, even though I have no idea when it will be. We haven’t gotten word about the whole situation yet.

Elder Kuoha

The Obamamobile

The Obamamobile

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