May 27, 2013

Hey Dad,

That sounds awesome about how you guys are helping Chris to know the gospel. Before the missionaries go over, if you were planning on inviting the missionaries, talk to them about eternal families and ask them if they’d be interested in learning more about how the families can be eternal. then invite the missionaries. Also, it sounds great that we finally have a big grill to make a whole bunch of steak. Steak doesn’t even exist here unless you go to an american restaurant. It’s the biggest thing I miss after family and friends. I cant wait to get back and try it out. Last Monday we had a bbq for pday and I was the only person that knew how to start the charcoal. Everyone else kept lighting newspaper and throwing it on top of the charcoal and it burned really big and they were like “see?? its working!” then the flame went out and the charcoal wasn’t even warm. So then I taught them so that one day they can teach someone else.
I love you Dad.
Elder Kuoha

Mom, no time for a letter today – we are in a BIG hurry, but here are 2 pics from this week…


Elder Jacob Kuoha

Sponch! (some sort of snack)

Sponch! (some sort of snack)

Tico slang...

Tico slang…

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