July 15, 2013

Hey Mom,

I’m writing you first today so I’m not rushed haha. It’s just that you’re usually the last person that writes me, and so there’s other emails that I’ve received during the week before yours, but today you’re first in line. So these past few weeks have been really great. We’ve been finding a lot of great people who are willing to accept the Gospel, and we’re seeing the fruits of our work. Yesterday we had a baptism of a guy named Carlos, who we taught when I first got to this area, but he wasn’t progressing, so we dropped him. Then he saw us eating lunch one day and asked us to pass by his house again, so we did, and three weeks later, he got baptized. The other missionaries in the ward also had a baptism of a guy named Kevin. They’re both young, and Kevin has plans to go on a mission. Carlos is gonna get married pretty soon, so he can’t go on a mission, but still, he’s awesome. He plans on being a member missionary. I played a primary song at the baptismal service yesterday, and it went really well. I’ll send a couple of pictures. We also have a few more baptisms planned for the rest of the month, so we’re seeing a lot of success. Constantly finding new people, so the pool of investigators never fluctuates between empty and full. Always refilling after someone gets baptized. I think that at the end of this change, I’m going to be training. The zone leaders were asking me a bunch of questions and they want to talk to me in person tomorrow, so maybe it’ll happen. I’m not afraid of responsibility, but it makes everything a little harder. I struggled at first being a district leader, but now I’ve got control of it, so I guess it’s necessary for me to keep progressing.
We’re trying to work a lot with the members, work through referrals, and have the members always in our lessons, but it’s pretty hard. We get a lot more success from the people who are referrals than knocking doors, but we have to work hard so that the members trust us with their friends. I remember how much the missionaries in the states hated knocking doors, but I honestly love it. It’s fun to me, seeing how many different ways you can contact a person, seeing how many different ways you can try to get them to listen to the message. I love it. Plus, when we’re street contacting, like talking to people who we walk by in the street, they usually lie about where they live or their phone number. When you knock doors, you automatically know where they live haha. But yeah, good stuff. 
My comp is from Colombia, and he’s really cool. He’s really quiet, but he’s a great teacher and a great missionary. His name is Elder Nuñez, and he’s from Barranquilla, Colombia. We’re teaching this guy named Guillermo, and he’s super excited to get baptized, but we just have to wait until he’s received all the lessons and whatnot. He is so happy that we are helping him know the Gospel, that when he sold one of his properties, he sold it for an extra million colones, and want’s to give it to me and Nuñez. That’s $1000 for each of us. Obviously we can’t accept the money, but hey, can you imagine? We could buy bikes!! But we can’t accept the money, so whatever. 
But hey, it sounds like everything is going well at home, and that makes me happy. I hope you have a great week!
Love you, 
Elder Kuoha
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