July 29, 2013

Hey Mom!

All is well here in the mission of Costa Rica, and we had a baptism and confirmation in the last two weeks, but I wasn’t in the bathroom when they took the pictures, so i didn’t get any haha. But the next one i’ll have some pictures of the baptism. Sounds like everything is good at home, which is good. I’m glad to be here in Costa Rica learning a ton of Spanish, so that when I go back, I can order in Spanish at Mexican restaurants like Tony did when he came back. The only difference is that my Spanish is better than his. I bought a flash drive today and a memory card for my camera because my iPod and camera card got filled up, but the card and flash drive have 32 gb each, so it should never fill up ever, so I think I’m good. We went to San Jose today so an elder in my district could get a new backpack because his current one wasn’t very good, and so he bought a quicksilver one. It has a nice laptop sleeve in it, and I saw it and was like “man, that is going to be perfect for holding scriptures.” Then we both started laughing because of how nerdy that sounded haha. We plan on making more fried rice one of these days for a family home evening, but we just don’t know when yet.

We have changes next week on thursday, but we don’t know yet if we’ll be affected. I think so, but It’s not a for sure thing. I sent home a box today of stuff i don’t have room for, but that I don’t want to throw away, so you should get that in a couple weeks. I sent one to Tommy today as well. We’re just gonna keep on teaching, preaching, and working as missionaries do.

I love you and miss you!

Elder Kuoha

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