August 26, 2013

Hey Mom!

I’m doing well here, and my companion is learning a lot. I’m not his actual trainer, but his trainer got changed out halfway through and I’m what they call his “stepfather.” But he always says “wow, we never had this much fun when I was with Elder Diaz,” or stuff like that, it’s funny but sad. At least his trainer wasn’t as bad as mine, haha. I was thinking about something the other day, and Brittany popped into my head, and then I thought about how she only has like one and a half changes left in the mission, then I thought about the fact that when she goes home, I’ll only have six months left, then a really weird feeling came over me, like I’m not ready for that yet haha. It’s a good thing I still have 8 months left. But yeah, other than that, not much has changed here. We lost the lady that made us lunch before I got to this area, and for the last two weeks we’ve been on our own for lunch and dinner and breakfast, but I talked to the bishop last Sunday, and asked him if he could talk to the members about giving us food for free like once a week, and so now starting tomorrow, we’ll have free lunch every day, and a couple of dinners a week. We’re saving money for the mission and everything, and more members get top have us visit them, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Oh hey, there was a tornado the other day! It wasn’t here in my area, but it rained more than usual, and apparently about a half hour north of where we are, there was a tornado again. We got SOAKED. We were walking through a small part of our area called “el precario” where all the houses are made of straight up tin, and everyone is poor and the majority are illegal. The walkway was so small that I had to close my umbrella and run through dodging trees and stray dogs and miscellaneous 2×4’s and other obstacles until we got to where there was an awning. It was a fun experience, haha. I bought a bag of 2 kilos of peanuts, and it’s almost gone now, but I have been giving some of it away to a homeless guy named Michael we see all the time. He speaks pretty good English, and we’ll probably try to teach him one of these days. But yeah, I’m doing ok. I love you all and can’t wait to see you!!

Elder Kuoha


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