September 23, 2013

Hey Mom!

Good news, there’s an elder in my zone who’s a Raiders fan, so he’ll be pretty disappointed next week when he learns that the Raiders were shut out at Mile High Stadium. This last week was pretty crazy, it rained a whole bunch, then yesterday was raining in the morning since before we woke up (which is unusual), and it was foggy all day long. For this part of Costa Rica, it’s pretty rare. But yeah, it’s been a pretty normal week, but the sad part is that the investigators we had that were going to get baptized disappeared, so they obviously can’t get baptized now haha. But whatever, we’re just going to keep finding new investigators who can get baptized then we’ll baptize them. Simple enough haha.

I played the uke at the activity we had, and it went really well. I arranged a mixture of A Child’s Prayer and Teach Me to Walk in the Light, and I sang with Fui and Sister Bay. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t been taking a lot of photos, because the area is pretty boring, but I’ll try to take some more to send home. Not much to write today, but I’ll try to do something crazy this week to have something interesting to write home.

I love you, and hope to see you guys in 206 days!

Elder Kuoha

ps, if possible, do you think you could send me some of those space bags things so my luggage can be a little more manageable? And can you find out if grandma still has those gold books of Mormon that were practically in mint condition in her closet? And send me something of bronco memorabilia! I don’t know what, but anything would be awesome! Maybe one of Peyton Manning’s sweaty wristbands!

Love you!

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