November 25, 2013

Hey Mom!

This week was pretty great! We had our two baptisms as scheduled, and then they got confirmed on monday as scheduled, and then the husband will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood within two or three weeks. We are still working on finding new people to teach, but it’s a slow process. We are trying a new thing as a mission. It’s called LPE: Lecciones para encontrar (lessons in order to find). We just have to talk to more people. Like one of the apostles in this last conference promised, if we talk to 10 people each day outside of our normal plans, we will have plenty of people to teach and we’ll keep our agendas full. It’s hard to talk to a lot of people, but we’re improving little by little. Trying to talk to people all the time.

I hope you had a great week, and this week will surely be better haha. I can’t believe Brittany’s finished already. The time passes so quickly, it’s ridiculous. I’m glad I have 5 months left. They say that the last 4 months go by the fastest; I don’t doubt it. We’re trying to work more with members here, and now that a missionary just came home from Argentina, we should be able to do lessons with him. Hopefully they call him as ward missionary or something. We don’t even have an elders quorum president haha, so maybe they should work on that first. Yesterday was the Primary presentation, and it was really fun. I miss the ones back home though, because there’s like 300 kids. Here there were only like 15. But it was nice. Then the primary president cried a whole bunch, and it was a good day.

We hope to have a few baptisms in December, especially this one guy Juan Carlos, he’s totally gonna get baptized. He won’t accept a set date, but I know he’s gonna get baptized, because his girlfriend is a member, and she probably won’t get married to him until he gets baptized haha. But we’ll see. He’s super ready to get baptized. He wants to, he’s just not sure about when. He wants to be 150% sure before he does it, but he’s the only investigator I’ve ever had that reads the Gospel principle lessons before Sunday to be prepared for the class. He’s getting in the water. Bueno, that’s about all that’s been going on here. I hope everyone has a great week back home, and that everyone’s ok.

Love you,

Elder Kuoha

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