December 23, 2013

Hey mom!

This week was crazy. Last week we had changes, and Elder Ballen and I did miracles this week. We had a baptism yesterday and it went great as well. The only problem is that this morning we were coming to an activity in Moravia, and we stopped in San Jose Centro to wait for the Sister missionaries from Zurquí, and we sat down and were reading something in a notebook of mine that had Jerson’s baptismal form and my patriarchal blessing and a few photos and then someone came up to talk to us, and then the sisters came, then we left, and I accidentally left the notebook on the bench where we were seated, and it’s gone now. So we have to do all that info stuff again, but someone has my patriarchal blessing now. Oh well. But hey, the baptism went well, and he’ll be getting confirmed next sunday.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we’ll be calling tomorrow at 6pm!!!! I’m excited to call you guys and to let you meet my comp! We can use skype now if I can remember my password and stuff haha. Now that we don’t need to do a three-way call, skype will do. Tomorrow we are going to visit a whole bunch of people, and try to visit everybody in the whole ward and sing them a song and stuff. Ballen and I sang in the ward Christmas party on saturday and we only had 3 songs planned but the people kept asking for more, so we sang two more songs it was awesome. So we’ll be caroling with the uke tomorrow and Wednesday and visiting everyone and giving them candy haha. I’m super fortunate to have Ballen as my comp, he’s awesome! And we get along super great!!! But hey, I don’t have much time left, so I’ll give this a close. I love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Elder Kuoha

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