January 6, 2014

Hey Mom!

Happy new year!! In Latin America, today is the Day of the Wise Men, and in Spain, it was originally the cause of the tradition of giving gifts to people, but was mixed with the Christmas holiday, so now everyone and their mother gives gifts on Christmas. “There’s a free lesson.” – Shooter McGavin.

Anywho, this week we did a lot of work. We had like 41 lessons, and by Sunday we were super exhausted. It was probably the most tiring week of my whole mission. But we’re seeing a lot of success, which is the best part of it all. We had 12 investigators in church yesterday, between the two wards we’re working in. I went to Garabito, and Elder Ballen stayed in Tibas. We’ll be taking turns going to the other ward every week. We have two people who have baptismal dates from that area, and it’s kind of crazy how fast they’re progressing. It’s been hardly a week since we started working there, and we’re already seeing miracles. But it’s pretty exciting.

I learned how to make a really good drink the other day, so I hope you like it when I show you when I get home. 101 days! Woohoo! But hey, it’s just like when I had 100 days before I went to the MTC. I had a countdown on my phone, and I remember seeing it al the time. But now I hope the time slows down a little because it’s going way too fast haha. But at the same time it can’t pass fast enough. Mixed feelings are the worst haha. But yeah I have to go now, but I love you and I’ll talk to you soon!!

Elder Kuoha

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