February 10, 2014

Hola familia!

Espero que puedan entender este correo ya que están practicando el español. Bueno, esta semana fue muy buena, logramos tener 44 lecciones en total, y tuvimos dos lecciones con unos investigadores muy buenas. Estos dos investigadores nos dijeron que iban a orar acerca del Libro de Mormón, cuando antes nunca lo han dicho con tanta sinceridad, y una nos mandaron un mensaje diciendo que tuvo un sueño después de orar. Zing. Ahora solo tenemos que ponerle una fecha para que se bautice.

(Hello family!

Hope you can understand this email because you are practicing Spanish. Well, this week was very good, we have 44 lessons in total, and we had two very good lessons with investigators. These two researchers said they were going to pray about the Book of Mormon, when they have never before said so sincerely, and they sent a message saying he had a dream after praying. Zing. Now we just have to put a date to be baptized.)

I got tired of Spanish haha. So anyways, today has been a good day so far, I bought a pair of shoes for the street so I can enjoy being out and about for my last 10 P days without having to wear boots or running shoes or flip-flops. we’re going to eat with one of my comps friends from Pavas, and hopefully we can introduce her and her family to the missionaries there. I have to plan well what were going to do for these last weeks so that I can take advantage of the vacation country I’m in, without going to the beach though, because it’s really far. I hope everything is going well at home, because everything is great here. I love it here, and I hope I can make these last 2 months count. I miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Elder Kuoha

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